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March 24, 2014

Ron Bottitta in the role of Humphrey Biddulph, God Only Knows at Theatre 40
Ron Bottitta's pitifully life-beaten Biddulph commands this work, as certain of his atheism as he is that the powers of religious orthodoxy will never allow him to survive. He appears more sad than self-righteous as he deals with the ignorant prattling of his hosts.
Abigail Marks in the role of Angie, Top Girls at Antaeus Theatre Company
In Caryl Churchill's often absurd 1982 polemic on women's roles through the ages, the intertwining story of a career-obsessed businesswoman's dimwitted abandoned daughter tugs the hardest at our heartstrings. Abigail Marks's truly indelible performance as the sweetly lost and desperately needy Angie, falling somewhere between Chaplin's Tramp and Bette Davis as Baby Jane, brings to haunting fruition a character you want to climb onstage and comfort.

And from New York...

Ramin Karimloo in the role of Jean Valjean, Les Misérables at the Imperial Theatre
Ramin Karimloo, an Iranian-born Canadian who has played the Phantom of the Opera and several Les Miz roles in London, endows Valjean with blood, sweat, tears, and a soaring voice. He starts off strong with his wronged hero snarling and biting like a feral dog, and then, after the character is shown kindness by a priest, transforming into an angelic savior in movement and tone.
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